About Us

We love our #Amstaff and want the world to know it! With our exclusive, fun designs we aim to emphasize the sweet nature of the #Amstaff dog breed.

Since we adopted our Amstaff Regina (“Reggie” for short) and began researching her breed, we soon discovered how the Amstaff breed has been unfairly judged and mistreated for way too long.

To this day, unfortunately, the first thing that still springs to most people’s minds whenever the breed is mentioned is dog fights. Though it cannot be denied that their fighting spirit it is one of the Amstaff’s many talents, it is in no way representative for the breed and hardly what this dog is actually best at. After having been bred as a family dog for over a century now, undoubtedly the Amstaff’s greatest talent is its unequaled capacity to love.

The American Staffordshire Terrier (“Amstaff”) thrives when part of a family, enjoys games and having a job to do. Though friendly to other people, the Amstaff is fiercely loyal to its own family. [source: Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Staffordshire_Terrier]

Why anyone would consciously mistreat a beautiful animal like this — or any animal, for that matter — is incomprehensible to us. In our view, the Amstaff has been unfairly labeled “High Risk Dog (HRD)”, when in fact the highest number of bite incidents can be contributed to other dog breeds (don’t get us started!).

Our Amstaff Reggie continuously amazes us with her intelligence, her forgiving nature (after everything humans have put her through, she remains friendly and trusting), her wit, wisdom, her empathy and above all, the love she shows us. Though she is not a young dog anymore and her past experiences have left their mark on her, she remains a puppy at heart, proving the popular statement that Amstaffs are “eternal puppies“. Reggie provides us with daily inspiration and teaches us to live better, more creative and purposeful lives.

Fortunately, public opinion about the Amstaff is changing and the breed knows many true lovers today. With our shop and our blog, we celebrate the wonderful Amstaff and share our love for these extraordinary dogs, hoping our modest effort may contribute to a better understanding of and appreciation for this unique breed.